Saturday, August 16, 2014

Another One of Nature's Signs - of Cooling?

A new study, published in this month's Journal of Geophysical Research, concludes that arctic sea ice snow cover has gone down dramatically since the 1950s - by about a third in the Western Hemisphere, and by about half, near Alaska.

The study is here.  Read more here and here.

Thankfully, the earth is going to cool, according to the business (interestingly, not "science") adviser to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott yesterday. So this pattern, along with increasing antarctic land ice sheet melt, increasing arctic ice sea ice loss, increasing arctic ice sheet melt, increasing permafrost temperatures, ocean temperature increases, at an exceedingly rapid rate, and a long term and fairly significant rapid upward trend in ambient atmospheric temperatures, should reverse itself, and we'll be facing a global cooling which - according to the Australian Business Adviser - politicians are ignoring the signs "from nature" on, at "their, and our, peril" (see update).

Not ignoring the signs of an increasing future shift in climate as one would expect to follow from an increase in long term atmospheric "heat trapping" greenhouse gases to levels not seen on earth in millions of years, and, as we've seen, the signs are starting to increasingly corroborate.

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